Great News From Greater Rhode Island

August 12, 2014

Wow! This summer has been a whirlwind!  When the seasons turn warm in Rhode Island, we have to act because you never quite know when the snow is going to fly again! Praise the Lord for a rich, rewarding summer.

On June 8, we were privileged to honor our high school and college graduates. We are thankful for the way God is continuing to stir our teens and young adults for ministry. Several more will be heading off to Bible college. Tony Barbosa has graduated from Bible college and is contemplating a church plant in Rhode Island. These are exciting times.

Our annual Vacation Bible Time was held June 23-28, and we were excited to see 113 children bow the knee with personal counselors to receive Christ as personal Savior. The GRIBT people pulled together marvelously to make for a smooth week of operation. What a thrill to see our bus routes impact entire families through this special time of year.

Paul Lamb visited the church in July to help us with a Master Site Plan for the development of our 35 acres. Several key men from the church joined me on July 15 to walk the property with Paul and in order to get a better feel for the footprint of our vision. It was profitable day.

Bethany Palmer and Christopher Vigue were married at GRIBT on July 25. It is great to see how the Lord has blessed and developed them through their years of courtship. We thank the Lord for their ministry in our church, and how that ministry can continue to blossom as they serve now as a married couple.

Our teens were at the Wilds of New England the week of July 28. They heard some convicting preaching from Morris Gleiser, and many of them made significant decisions concerning obedience to parents and private devotions. We praise the Lord for these milestones.

Daniel Sutton who is a church planter to New England presented his work on July 30, and it was a joy to add him to the missionary family. We praise the Lord for this new wave of church planters that are being sent to our needy part of the world.

Touring groups from Heartland Baptist Bible College and Pensacola Christian College visited us during the summer to minister and present their ministries. Both groups were helpful in their assistance and represented their institutions well. The music from both groups was “top drawer.”

We have witnessed nine baptisms this summer. We praise the Lord for the way he is using this church to share the Gospel and make a difference in the lives of those who are seeking for hope. Please continue to pray for us as we move into the fall that the Lord will bless this ministry.

We are currently in the midst of our 16th annual prophecy conference. August Rosado and Andy Woods are our featured speakers. Our hearts have been warmed as we have concentrated on the events surrounding the impending return of Jesus. Maranatha!

We appreciate your continued interest in this ministry. Do continue to pray for us!

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  1. Leslie Souza says:

    I Praise God for all the blessings he has bestowed upon our church family. I became a member this past year and I have received many blessings from our Lord Jesus Christ. My heart warms me with all the people who have reached out to me and who have prayed for me and my husband. I thank you Pastor Amsbaugh and Karen to help me grow and through it all I know Jesus Christ is who is with us through it all.

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