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A House Of Prayer

Many years ago, I had the privilege of eating lunch with my friend, Doug Hodges.  Doug’s dad was the longest tenured pastor of Grace Baptist Church in Columbus, Georgia, where I had the privilege of serving for 13 years.  Doug’s dad, Walter Lee Hodges, served that church for over 30 years  and was responsible for […]

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Rice Is Not Small Potatoes

My brother-in-law Mark, who is a missionary in the country of Belize, was born in Peru and came to America as a ten-year-old orphan where he received Christ as Savior. Mark, despite being raised in the United States, is very much Latino in his tastes, which includes, of course, rice. A meal is not a […]

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Is Vacation Bible School Still Worth It?

Our church just finished a week of Vacation Bible Time, a summer feature that has taken place for multiple decades at Greater Rhode Island Baptist Temple. We praise the Lord for the results. Some of our finest workers took a week of vacation to minister to kids coming from dysfunctional families living in the projects […]

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