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The Key at Home Depot

Several weeks ago, our daughter April was given a very simple task.  We asked her to go to Home Depot and have a couple of keys made for us.  Home Depot is located just a few miles from our home, and the cost of the keys was minimal.  But what was intended to be a […]

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The Labor Pains Of Adoption

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Today I had the privilege of sitting in family court in downtown Providence to watch dear people in our church, Matt and Elisabeth Blair, adopt Emma into their family.  Emma has been in the Blair home since the moment of birth, nearly 21 months ago.  But today, her future was settled as Matt and Elisabeth […]

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Rice Is Not Small Potatoes

My brother-in-law Mark, who is a missionary in the country of Belize, was born in Peru and came to America as a ten-year-old orphan where he received Christ as Savior. Mark, despite being raised in the United States, is very much Latino in his tastes, which includes, of course, rice. A meal is not a […]

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A Student Of Art

For the twenty-seventh time as a senior pastor, I will stand before a congregation this coming Lord’s Day to preach a Father’s Day message. I have always sensed an attitude of confidence preaching on this special occasion because I had the privilege of growing up in the home of a great dad. When Karen and I married […]

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A Brother Is Born For Adversity

The famous quote from Solomon in Proverbs 17:17 is that “a brother is born for adversity.” My sister, unfortunately, used to lift this verse out of context and use it as a justification that mom had given birth to me in order that I might give grief to her. Her brother was born in order […]

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