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The Key at Home Depot

Several weeks ago, our daughter April was given a very simple task.  We asked her to go to Home Depot and have a couple of keys made for us.  Home Depot is located just a few miles from our home, and the cost of the keys was minimal.  But what was intended to be a […]

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Lessons From Fifteen Years In Kindergarten

It was with great sadness that I learned early Monday morning of the home going of Valarie Harris.  For nearly two decades, Valarie served as the Kindergarten teacher at Grace Christian School in Columbus, Georgia and as a beginner Sunday School teacher at Grace Baptist Church.  It was my privilege to serve as Valarie’s pastor […]

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Some Thoughts About The Freedom Of Religion Debate

Recently there has been much talk on the cable news networks about the state of Indiana and the Freedom of Religion Act.  Some have argued that gays should be allowed to enter restaurants owned by Christians without reprisal, and that refusal to serve gays is similar to blacks being denied service in the 1950s.  Some […]

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Snowed In

I was born on a Tuesday, came home from the hospital on Thursday, and was in church on Sunday, despite the doctor’s admonition that it was not wise for a fellow who just missed the incubator to be in crowds.  And so set the pattern of my life.  When the church doors were open, we […]

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A House Of Prayer

Many years ago, I had the privilege of eating lunch with my friend, Doug Hodges.  Doug’s dad was the longest tenured pastor of Grace Baptist Church in Columbus, Georgia, where I had the privilege of serving for 13 years.  Doug’s dad, Walter Lee Hodges, served that church for over 30 years  and was responsible for […]

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